It looks as though reality TV is going the way of Craigslist. No one is safe.

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Today TMZ is reporting that a contestant on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire, a Rock of Love spin-off starring the vapid and chubby-necked Megan Hauserman, is the "person of interest" in a murder case.

Allegedly, after Ryan Jenkins was booted from Megan Wants a Millionaire this past Spring (the show is airing now), he went to Vegas and met Jasmine Fiore, who once worked as a promo model for Playboy. The two got married two days later. Jump ahead a few months to last Saturday, when Fiore's strangled body was discovered shoved into a suitcase and dumped in a trash containter.

Police are still trying to contact Jenkins, and they think he may have fled to his hometown in Canada. Jenkins has a history of violence. Again, according to TMZ, he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in 2007 and sentenced to 15 months probation and forced to "attend outpatient treatment at a hospital for sex addiction."

How the fuck did he get clearance to be a contestant on a reality TV show!?

In light of this news, VH1 has announced that they're going to hold all future airings of Megan Wants a Millionaire. (Which delights me to no end, because Megan is a fucking brat and deserves to have her "career" squashed. I'm just sorry a former Playboy model had to die to make it happen.)

Not helping the "reality TV is not full of terrible people" cause is this news about a former So You Think You Can Dance choreographer who is being charged with eight counts of sexual assault, including four counts of rape.

Eventually, they'll have to stop putting these people on TV if the only people they can get to partake are future (alleged) murderers and rapists, right?