If so, you may not luck out at the Gamestop at Redmond's Town Center today from noon to 8 p.m., where Microsoft will station a 13-ton truck with a 14' wide payload and a bunch of Xboxen inside. A new Halo game hits stores in a month: Halo 3 ODST (assumedly stands for "Overly Dumb SubTitle"). Hence, MS is renting a big gaming truck to preview the title to fans, and the hometown gets first dibs on the exclusive sneak peek.

not a peder-truck, swear

Even though a few tech sites soundly debunked that survey about gamers from earlier this week, whiny Internet articles don't tend to change minds. This event seems like as good chance as any for our city's mentally and physically fit hobbyists to step out and prove Dan wrong... though I'll admit, I'm tempted to encourage the stereotypical ones to come out and stand around with ill-fitting T-shirts and frumpy, frosting-stained demeanors. Like some exploitative art project.