Seattle police have locked down I-5 and are looking for an armed suspect following reports of gunfire near North Seattle Community College.

About an hour ago, officers were called to a wooded area in the 10000 block of College Way North.

Police, K-9 units and the Guardian One helicopter are searching for a man who may be carrying an AK-47.

No reports of any injuries. Gang and armored units are en route.

Police have one person in custody and have located another man using infrared sensors. Officers have guns trained on a wooded area north of (NSCC), west of I-5. It sounds like police are firing tear gas into the trees.

Police have taken two suspects in to custody. Police are searching the bushes looking for weapons. So far, officers have found a sword.

According to SPD spokeswoman Renee Witt, police received reports of gunfire around 9pm in the 9200 block of 5th Avenue NE. Police arrived on scene and heard multiple shots.

A Myspace page for a man matching the name and description of one of the suspects says he's in to punk rock and Kung Fu. The man's page says he planned to go to a "sniper school" in Texas, and lists his heroes as Mahatma Ghandi, Barack Obama, and "members of the armed forces.".

Witt says one of the suspects ran east across I-5, ran back towards NSCC, and back towards Northgate.

Police have taken two men in their late-teens or early twenties into custody. End scene.