Ballot Battle: Anti R-71 group sues state to keep it off the ballot.

Live Every Day Like the Police Might Raid Your House and Find All Your Embarrassing Shit: Police find marijuana, skin-bleaching cream, and hair-growing ointments.

Your Porn Is Finally Safe: Obama administration tightens restrictions on border laptop searches. But the federales can still take your computer. However, this baseball-related court ruling does actually spell out how the government should be allowed to search your computer.

Ivan Drago Vs. Yakov Smirnoff: Russia and Ukraine getting testy with each other.

A Dogged Commitment to the Game: Vick plays first NFL game since he took some time off for that whole dog torture thing.

I Can't Believe We're Still Talking About This: Yet more science-y evidence that Intelligent Design is horseshit.

Sneaky Starbucks: Omnipresent coffee giant opening second "stealth" store on Capitol Hill.

On more State video to close out the week: