What's the book? The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book: Two Stories by Joe Daly

What's it about? Daly is a South African cartoonist who reads kind of like Dan Clowes if Dan Clowes weren't always so uptight about losing his indie cred. Daly's earlier collection of comics, Scrublands, was pretty great stuff but a little too focused on marijuana for my tastes. This book, about a monkey-footed man who muddles around a beach community in South Africa, is amazing. One story involves cane toads and a violent neighbor, and the other involves a lost capybara named John Wesley Harding and what may or may not be an evil plot to destroy wetlands to create profit for real estate developers. Both stories are laid-back, funny, and entertaining.

What's the art look like?


Do you recommend it? Totally. Daly is one of my favorite new talents in comics, and this book is a major step forward from his last one. Of all the books I've reviewed on Slog over the last two days, this is my favorite one, and one of my top five comics to be released this year so far.