Two men are being held in connection with a bizarre incident on Friday night near North Seattle Community College (NSCC), and It appears one of them has been on Slog before.


At about 9:30 p.m. Friday night, police began receiving reports of gunfire near NE 92nd Avenue and 5th Avenue NE, not far from the North Precinct. Officers arrived on scene and immediately heard 9-10 "rapid fire rifle rounds" being fired over I-5 from a wooded area just west of the freeway, court documents say. Police called in the Guardian One helicopter, K9 units, and the SWAT team, and took two men in to custody.

The day after the incident, police searched the woods near NSCC and found "military style encampment," containers of ammunition, an AK-47 assault rifle, pieces of other firearms, and a "Samurai sword," court records say.

According to court and jail records, Michael Lujan—who was arrested following a scuffle with police in the University District two years ago—is being held in connection with the incident.

That's a blurry Lujan on the right side of the frame.

In November 2007, Lujan and another man, Mark Hays, got into a scuffle with police after the two men jaywalked across 45th and University in front of an unmarked SUV. Police contacted the men, the situation escalated, Hays was taken to the ground and beaten by officers. Lujan was arrested and charged with obstruction. An internal investigation later found that police had used excessive force, and Lujan was found not guilty. Video of the incident can be found here.

On Friday night, Lujan was arrested on the east side of I-5 after running across the freeway to flee from police. He was arrested shortly after police arrived at the scene and provided officers with information about another man who was later found hiding in the woods.

The other man, a 31-year-old NSCC student, was arrested in the woods near I-5 after a two hour standoff with police. When police took the man into custody, he told officers that he expects"to be railroaded" and, according to court records, told police that "If I had wanted to shoot officers, you would have had some dead cops." The 31-year-old man then requested he be put on suicide watch, records say.

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According to the King County Prosecutor's office, the 31-year-old man has a previous felony conviction for theft, making him ineligible to own a firearm.

Both men are being held in the King County Jail, but prosecutors haven't yet filed charges against the 31-year-old man. The city attorney's office has declined to file charges against Lujan. Prosecutors and police still haven't said why the men might have been firing guns in the woods near I-5.