A 42-year-old man was beaten, robbed, and stripped naked in The Jungle earlier this month, a police report says.

On September 7, at 2:30 a.m., two officers spotted a man walking down Dearborn Street near 10th Avenue, who wearing only his socks and underwear, and was bleeding from is head.

The 42-year-old man told police he was walking east on South Dearborn sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m., when he was approached by a man and a woman, who asked if he had any money. The man and the woman then began punching and kicking the 42-year-old man, the report says, knocking him to the ground.

The man and woman dragged then 42-year-old man into the Jungle—a densely wooded area on the northwest side of Beacon Hill—where three other men appeared and began attacking the 42-year-old man with sticks. The report says the group took the man's wallet and clothes, and then fled the area.

The report says the 42-year-old man sustained several cuts to his head and a broken nose in the attack.
Police did not make any arrests.