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Further tests on Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill revealed a "pretty significant groin injury," coach Jim Mora said Wednesday, and he will be out at least the next six weeks.

This may seem like bad news for Seattle's linebacking corps, but John Morgan over at Fieldgulls believes Hill's injury might be some upside:

Will Herring will take over Hill's snaps. Herring is not Hill's equal as a run defender, open field tackler, or blitzer, but...Herring is a much better pass defender.

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Seattle faces five teams between now and the time Hill is expected to return. San Francisco is a traditional offense, beyond traditional, outdated, but Indianapolis and Arizona are pass-first. Chicago is a vertical-style and Jacksonville is a grind `em out, rush-first offense. Herring could be a better matchup against Arizona and Indianapolis.

[I]f Herring is a superior pass defender, it also could be a net improvement to Seattle's defense.