I've written about the Espresso Book Machine before, but here's a little bit of a refresher course:

...now Google Book Search, in partnership with On Demand Books, is letting readers turn digital copies back into paper copies, individually printed by bookstores around the world.

Or at least by those booksellers that have ordered its $100,000 Espresso Book Machine, which cranks out a 300 page gray-scale book with a color cover in about 4 minutes, at a cost to the bookstore of about $3 for materials. The machine prints the pages, binds them together perfectly, and then cuts the book to size and then dumps a book out, literally hot off the press, with a satisfying clunk. (The company says a machine can print about 60,000 books a year.)

Third Place Books just announced on their Twitter feed that they're buying an Espresso Book Machine this fall, which I believe will make them the first store in Washington. I hope to go give it a trial run when it arrives.