What's the book? Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration by Sarah O'Brien & Lacey Soslow.

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Why is it useless? It is a small hardcover book that has photos of famous celebrity nerds. They are graded on a "Geekboat Meter" and they each get a Tiger Beat-style writeup in a section unfortunately titled "Geekboat Nuggets". On Wes Anderson: "Tall, check. Skinny, check. Fabulous glasses, check. Living film auteur, check. Okay, there you have it. Wes is a living legend among geeky dreamboats..."

Could anyone enjoy this book? I don't know if this is a serious book or not. It feels like a joke. But it's not funny, really. It's just weird and it feels kind of like garbage even when you pick it up.

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