Western Bridge's major new show Parenthesis, on the subjects of parents and children, opens tomorrow (noon-6), and yesterday I got a sneak peek of it underway.

The gallery hasn't been reconfigured so dramatically in years (ever?). Leading the reconstruction is theater designer/Stranger Genius Jennifer Zeyl, who rebuilt the entrance of her childhood home in Kingston, Rhode Island, as an entrance to the show.

When you walk through, you will come to a living room transplanted from upstairs (not yet built as of this picture), a wall built by a father-and-son-team by Miami artist Bert Rodriguez (seen recently, built by a different father-and-son team, in Lawrimore Project's Spite House), and this 120-percent-scale staircase (you are reduced to kid-size) that leads to an upstairs gallery featuring Guy Ben-Ner's Stealing Beauty, a family drama video shot in the pricetag-dripping domestic environments at various IKEA stores.

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Other works in the show include the amazing father-daughter video Here & Elsewhere by Kerry Tribe in the back room.