Levi Johnston's Nut


I guess....that he eats nuts with a bodyguard there for protection? Against....rogue pistachios?
The protection is obviously the large black man and the baby is the media.
You're reading too much into this. That entire clan of Palin's and Johnston's are just desperate for any bit of media attention they can get.

I still think Levi should do gay porn. He'd have to start of the bottom and work his way to the top but still: he should do gay porn.
Who the fuck is Levi Johnston and should I care?
Dan is obsessed with Levi's nuts.

It is unseemly for a "married" man.

(at least it is not as pathetic as his crush on Carrie Prejean...)
Is MTV2 going for a Rob & Big redux? Get them a mini-horse & a bulldog and we've got a show! They can replace skateboarding with hockey and start rolling tape!
And in relevant news...

Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend October 10 – 11, 2009

Seattle OUTProtest has brought together a grassroots coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight people and organizations to organize a series of solidarity events to coincide with the National March for Equality this October.

March and Rally
Forty years after the Stonewall Rebellion, we march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and allies in Washington, DC to demand equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states and to show our public support for the Approval of Referendum 71 here in Washington state.
Sunday, October 11
2:00 pm: Volunteer Park, 10th Ave E & E Prospect
5:00 pm: Rally, Federal Courthouse, 7th & Stewart

Thinking Queerly: Community Workshops on LGBT Issues
Community organizers and activists will present a series of workshops on a range of issues affecting the lgbt community including Stonewall and lgbt movement history, homelessness, hate crimes and self defense, lgbt health, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, lgbt legal issues, Gay-Straight Alliances, marriage equality, and more.
Saturday, October 10
9:30 am to 5 pm
Piggot Auditorium, Seattle University

As the AIDS pandemic nears its fourth decade, we gather to educate and raise awareness about the continued struggles of people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, friends, and support networks as well as to demand all resources and all funding necessary for prevention, treatment, and a cure.
Saturday, October 10
Starting at 6 pm
Seattle Central Community College South Plaza, Broadway & E Pine

Generation Q Mega Mixer
Come mingle and mix with seasoned leaders and activists of the GLBTQ community at the Generation Q Mega Mixer. Young leaders (25 and under please) will have the opportunity to socialize, learn from, and quite possibly have a dance off with some of the community's most inspiring members in a relaxed social environment.
Sunday, October 11
6:30 pm
Sole Repair Shop, 1001 E Pike

Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend March & Rally

Get involved with one of our planning committees! Contact for more time and details:
March/Rally Committee, March@seattleoutprotest.org
Workshops Committee, Workshops@seattleoutprotest.org
Outreach Committee, Outreach@seattleoutprotest.org
Mixer Committee, Mixer@seattleoutprotest.org
HIV/AIDS Vigil Committee, Vigil@seattleoutprotest.org

Biweekly General Organizing Meetings, please contact whitney@seattleoutprotest.org for time and location.

National Equality March: Equality Across America

Going to DC? Check in and meet other folks from Washington who are going to DC:

Approve Referendum 71
Keep the Domestic Partnership Law
He is a little darlin'. Whatever he's selling; I'm buying.
Wisely, they don't let him utter any actual words.
I guess it's just me but............I really don't get Levi Johnston. I just don't find him attractive. Kinda doughy faced and semi-literate maybe. But attractive? Meh.
Does he have a tattoo of his last name on his arm? wtf?
Yes, yes he does. He has tatoo of his last name on his arm. He looks like a $50 rent boy. Eww.

Get that nut, Levi.
Never eating pistachios again.
He's BUSTING A NUT with protection. That's what they're implying. Opening a pistachio with a bodyguard present = having protection while busting a nut.
WTF is with all you gays? Who the fuck is this tool and why do you queens love him?