The Municipal League of King County is one of those good government organizations that is generally well thought of in political circles. According to their website, they champion "open, effective and accountable" government, and endeavor to "improve ... the quality of public decisions." In other words, they believe voters should have as much information about the candidates so as to make an informed choice. Right?

Well, maybe not.

In 2008, the Muni League supported King County Initiative 26, which removed partisan labels from elected positions in county government. (The Stranger predicted it could allow stealth Republican candidates to fly below the radar.) And because it passed, candidates no longer have to state a partisan affiliation when running for office. This means that, because of I-26, voters will have even less information to consider before filling out their ballot.

Why would an organization that exists to give voters more information support a change in the law that would give them less of it?

Two Survey USA polls (here and here) have shown that Hutchison's support among Democrats is in the low 30s. Hutchison certainly deserves some credit, but how many of those Democrats simply don't know that she's a Republican? And if they don't, is the Muni League really improving "the quality of public decisions"?