Try to connect the dots:

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Tim Eyman was asked recently if he could imagine a time when he wouldn't feel the need to file another anti-tax initiative.

Eyman, in essence, said no. "It's a tug of war where the other side is always going to be pulling the rope in favor of higher taxes," he said. "There needs to be a counterweight to that."

And so Eyman, who makes his living filing initiatives, has put before voters another measure he argues will stifle any urge by lawmakers to increase taxes at least during the next couple of years, and help rein in government spending.

Memo to news media: Tim Eyman gets paid to file initiatives. That's what he does. It's his job!

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Ever since committing serious campaign finance violations several years ago, Tim's grassroots base has withered. Taking up the slack has been millionaire investor Michael Dunmire, who regularly pours thousands of dollars not only into Eyman's initiative business, but his compensation fund as well.

He may make a living from going to the ballot, but his success is limited—he's 4 for 11 since 2002. If I-1033 passes, Eyman will be back on top, doing what he does best: making a mess, and forcing politicians in Olympia to clean it up.