Just how asinine is I-1033? Let's assess the central claim from the pro-1033—that Washington state is some sort of high-tax monster threatening to consume us all.

From the Horse's Ass, Mr. Eyman itself:

....higher taxes and a state income tax during this year’s legislative session.... I-1033’s opponents are on the absolute extreme fringe regarding tax policy..... Opponents are against any limit on government’s growth and against any restriction on government’s power to take as much as they want from the taxpayers....

Property taxes keep going higher and higher and government keeps getting bigger and bigger. The people are losing control.

Well, how much do Washingtonians pay in taxes, state and local? Lest I be accused of a liberal bias in my source data, I'm going to use the (ultra anti-taxation) Tax Foundation as my source of data. In 2008, per capita taxation was $4334, or about 8.9% (after a very thorough accounting.) In comparison, the national average local and state taxation is 9.7%. Washington ranks 35th out of fifty states for local and state taxes. Washingtonians pay less in state and local taxes than Oregonians and Idahoians. Hell, Washingtonians pay less in taxes than almost any other state that doesn't directly pump unearned money out of the earth. Washington State has some of the most efficient and productive local and state governments—doing more with less revenue than almost any other state.

Taxation in Washington state is also notable for being incredible regressive—soaking the working poor far more than the idle wealthy. For poor people, Washington is a high tax state. It's this dynamic that Tim feeds on. The working poor in the red areas of the state know they're getting a raw deal. but don't seem to recognize how. The obvious solution—a more equitable tax structure that included an income tax and less sales tax—is avoided. This frustrated energy is instead channeled into one anti-property tax measure after another. Property taxes are one of the few ways the rich carry their load in this state; I-1033 would shift even more of the tax burden over to the poor and struggling in the State. Good work Tim. Good work.