If you want to get some world class kick-ass talking points on why Initiative 1033 is bad news, go no further than Vancouver, Washington:

They came from diverse backgrounds: a businessmen, a firefighter, several health care workers and an education advocate.

But they all had the same thing to say: Vote no on Initiative 1033.

The group gathered at the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce on Thursday to warn voters that I-1033 — aimed at slowing the growth of state and local governments — will have disastrous effects in ways they may not have considered.

"The passage of 1033 would result in at least one closure of a fire station," said Mark Johnston, president of the Vancouver Firefighters Union. "People are going to die needlessly, their houses are going to burn down."


Mr. Johnston could teach a thing or two to Seattle-area lefty political activists on how to communicate a message: put away the bar graphs and the pie charts and make it plain.

The Columbian (the paper that ran this story quoted from above) has also endorsed a 'No' vote on I-1033.

To defeat I-1033, "No on I-1033" will have to rack up big numbers in the liberal Puget Sound area. They'll also have to compete in places like Vancouver where voters are less liberal and more sympathetic to an anti-tax message (but don't want to live in a pile of embers). It is going to take a lot more Johnstons around the state to make their case.