According to the New York Times, Barnes and Noble is introducing their e-reader today. It is called the "Nook" E-Reader, which, when you say it aloud fast, actually makes "Kindle" sound like the best name in the universe.

Engadget has a little more news about it: It does have an e-ink screen above and an iPhone-like touch-screen below. It also will allegedly cost $259. It will allow you to "lend books to friends," which the Kindle decidedly does not allow you to do. But it remains to be seen whether this is a Zune-like social feature that is heavy with weird stipulations.

By the end of this year, according to the Times article, it's estimated that the number of people who own e-books will double. I know that independent booksellers are getting very close to including e-book sales, too. I've heard that a couple independent bookstores in town will start selling e-book readers for that purpose pretty soon.