Joe "Joe My God" Jervis is having some fun with Peter LaBarbera.

LaBarbera is the sick puppy behind Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. Peter likes to sneak around gay leather events with a digital camera and post videos to YouTube in order to tease and titillate shock and outrage his readers. Because only gay people are kinky and kinky people shouldn't be allowed to get married because traditional marriage—where the wife submits joyfully to the husband—isn't about erotic power exchange. Just, you know, non-erotic power exchange.

Anyway, Americans For Truth's annual fundraising dinner goes down this weekend at the Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL. LaBarbera posted an open invitation to the dinner on his website. Included in LaBarbera's post was the phone number to call—910-308-7619—to make reservations. There's a protest planned but Joe encouraged his readers in Illinois to make reservations, buy tickets, and attend the dinner itself. I don't know if Joe was being sincere, but getting gay people to show up for LaBarbera's event—not just at it to protest—is a pretty genius idea. It's only $25 a head and that kind of money isn't going to make the anti-gay movement or break the gay movement—although anyone who buys a ticket to Peter's party should make a $25 donation to the fight to protect marriage equality in Maine and domestic partnership rights in Washington). Peter and his crew get off on telling lies about us... but I think they'll enjoy themselves less if they have to look us in the eyes as they tell their lies.