Yesterday I caught four new shows at the Henry, and they're being celebrated tonight with a great big party you should not miss:

Helping you create a space uniquely yours for work or play, with style and art, your way.
Custom framing, photo frames, printing on metal, paper and canvas.

Eirik Johnson's poetic yet clear-eyed photographs of how the lumber industry has shaped our regional landscape.

Starlite Drive-In, Roseburg, Oregon, 2006
  • Starlite Drive-In, Roseburg, Oregon, 2006

Ten of Allan Sekula's "anti-photojournalistic shots" of the WTO protests with his letter explaining why and how he approached the event.

A giant collections show including wild shoes and a gorgeous corset from the extensive and never-seen fashion holdings of the museum.

This isnt the actual 50s corset in the show, just a teaser...
  • This isn't the actual 50s corset in the show, just a teaser...

And almost 100 Robert Mapplethorpe Polaroids (max size is 4 by 5 inches) hung in tender pairs. This show is irresistible.



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Also tonight will be performances at The Gift Shop, Seattle artist Matthew Offenbacher's ongoing installation inside the Henry. Somehow it will involve Joe Park (seated) and Jenny Zwick, doing something that might look like this.