The Greenwood fire burned up a couple of cafes, a teriyaki joint, and a pho place, and Taproot Theater—Seattle's most prominent (only?) faith-based theater company—sustained severe smoke and water damage.

From Slog tipper Greta:

Taproot itself isn't burned down, but I do at least know there is some water damage from the firefighters soaking it to keep it from burning. At one point I believe a hole opened up in the ceiling of the upstairs lobby and firefighters went in to one of the upstairs bathrooms with axes—so I'm pretty sure it's not untouched. It isn't totally burned down though at least.

Taproot actually owns its space and the building that that burned down. At some point they had planned on raising money, evicting the tenants and building a new theatre in the space. In fact, their prop and scenic storage was underneath the building which burning, so I'm guessing all of that is hosed now.

Crazy way to wake up.

Taproot has three sold-out shows of Enchanted April this weekend but no place to perform them.

Anybody got a spare theater? Or a barn? Or something?

Taproot is looking for a space that will hold between 200 and 350 people and might approximate their 15 x 34-foot thrust stage.

Email me or Daytona Strong with tips on where to find such a room.