Zombie Walks: Fun And Games Until...


Yup. You're right. All of us "crazy gun nuts" are just waiting for the chance to shoot us some zombies. Why, I don't know about anybody else, but I was just thinking that as I cleaned my gun the other day. Too bad they're such a bitch to field dress, though.
I agree. I am a gun owner, and I am obviously a threat to America. Just look at Dan Savages hypothetical scenario that will likely never happen! Obviously the gun-nut weirdos are a threat to society. The mob of people pretending to be flesh-eating monsters on the other hand, oh ho ho, that's just good fun.
I agree. I am a gun owner, and I am obviously a threat to America. Just look at Dan Savages hypothetical scenario that will likely never happen! Obviously the gun-nut weirdos are a threat to society. The mob of people pretending to be flesh-eating monsters on the other hand, oh ho ho, that's just good fun.
Man, you big macho gun owners suuuuuuuure are sensitive babies. I didn't say some GUN NUT was going to see the zombies coming and start shooting, but some LUNATIC -- perhaps a lunatic with access to a gun. Some lunatics do manage to get their hands on guns, guys. School shootings? Workplace shootings? Hello? Not all guns owners are nuts but there are a lot of nuts out there with guns.
Sooooooo.... you think the gym is safe from teh zombs and their admirers... eh eh eh eh ehhhhhh... I advise the buddy system, but WATCH HIM CLOSELY...
Actually, Dan, you're just too old for that silliness.
Dan, just go smoke a doob and relax. My post was just as much tongue-in-cheek as yours was.
...because there are no zombies at the gym.

"You uuuuusing this maaaaaaachinnnnneeeee?"
MoveOn.org is planning a Zombie protest for a Public Option on Halloween day through Pikes Place Market. 10/31 at 1 PM - I imagine it ought to be pretty fun.

Public Option = Less Zombies.
@ 5280, that's why there are emoticons to help you make your tone clear. :)
I saw you at the gym and I saw the zombies. Gym = better idea:)
I love you Dan, and I'm pro-gun control, but you're paranoid.
Zombie walks are great. But, I am getting bored with everyone doing the Triller Dance. It was cute during the summer, right after M. Jackson's death.
Matt from Denver feltches gerbil sperm out of his own ass.
Zombie walks are played out. As are zombies. I am so sick of zombies and vampires. It's time for more werewolves.
There were an assload of zombies in Occidental Park this evening right before the Sounders March. I think they were doing a Thriller dance, too. Biggest ever, someone said. I went to the game instead and saw the Sounders kick ass, clinch no worse than third place, and maybe even second.
I was in Portland to see the Decemberists and saw some of these zombies so I parked the car and got the kids out and we followed the zombies as the marched through the street. As we walked back to the car we passed someone that looked just like Dan Savage. Was that you walking west on Colombia?
I think the reverse is going to happen. The next zombie movie will feature some poor shlub mistaking real zombies for walkers or other guys in costume. Heh, awesome shamble du--OH GOD TEETH IN THE FACE!
Zombie-Walks make the *best* pranks post-Zombie Apocalypse.
10 Fuck Yourself and Die
Only panis use guns to execute zombies; real men, and women, go the chainsaw route. Sure it's more messy but few things are as enjoyable as feeling the chain bite into bone and pass through into brain matter; almost as enjoyable as popping a pimple. And the delight of decapitating a zombie is beyond measure. Just saying.

@9: That should be "fewer zombies," not "less."
That should be "...pansies use guns..."
Speaking of watching zombies do their thing, has anyone gone to church this morning?
I'm not so sure it's one of these innocent zombie walk people that's going to get hurt... The real hurt is going to come when the zombie apocalypse actually happens and everyone thinks its a goddamn zombie walk. Many an innocent brain will be eaten thanks to these zombie walk people.
Didn't shot his head off, but did punch him in the face:

Someone is shooting a zombie movie in Iowa, so its on our minds.
Um what the hell it censored my link.

Try that again:
@26 -

You got here first with what I had - here is another link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091025/ap_o…
The whole "zombies are played out" meme is played out. It'll run its course on its own. Complaining about it is a transparent attempt to assert your own hipness.
@1: Until you mentioned it I never considered how hard it would be to field dress a creature that is disintegrating/falling apart post-death death. The things you learn.
Though I would think that there wouldn't be any good eating from a zombie, and as you mentioned getting a trophy would be pretty tough too. ;)

@19: That's a bit (but not exactly) like some of the set ups in "Shawn of the Dead". Probably won't be long before there is a movie with the set up you describe.
Um...if someone is crazy enough to start shooting people in that way, they're not going to discriminate between people coated in Ben Nye products and shredded clothes and people just going about their business.
@1 & 7: A reality show just for you. Finally!

You work on those guns, Savage!
Personally, I'd wait until I see them feasting on some poor bastard in the street before taking a shot. Not only do you get a much bigger profile, but they're clustered together too.
18 - the only thing scarier than a mad pack of zombies wanting to eat your brain would be being forced to go to a Decemberists show, and not being able to leave.
Why hasn't anyone else picked up on Dan's waaaaaay too soon joke?? "I don't want to get shot, so I'll just go to the gym instead" the gym, In Portland, to not get shot. I'll admit I laughed, but I live on the other side of the world. Pretty sure the families of those dead women don't think you can call that yet.
@32: I actually know that guy. The gun shop isn't far from here.
Case in point:


If you're crazy enough to think you're among real zombies, you're going to see them everywhere, makeup or no.