The Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, Washington D.C.'s first delegate to Congress, who spoke against marriage equality at a contentious hearing earlier this week, had this to say to the Washington Post:

"I have some brilliant friends who are gay, and it bothers me that they're not going to pass those genes on."

I'm sure your gay friends, who can pass their genes on now by doing surrogacy or co-parenting with lesbians, appreciate your concern for their DNA, Rev. Fauntroy. But gay people who can't legally marry each other typically don't marry opposite-sex partners instead. We're still going to fuck each other and shack up with each other and we're starting families with each other even in the absence of legal marriage rights. And we really shouldn't be encouraged to marry opposite-sex partners for the sake of appearances or to pass on our genes. Am I right, Mrs. Craig? Can I get an amen, Mrs. Haggard? Care to share your feelings on the subject, Mrs. McGreevey?