Some of the questions put to me tonight by students at IU...

If you read about or see certain kinky things & get turned on does that mean you'll like doing it when you have sex & try it or not necessarily & you just have to try it?

How many partners recommended before marriage?

Is it considered weird nowadays to be a virgin in your 20s?

What do you, from your personal experience, think it will take for Americans to relax their attitudes toward sex?

I'm trying to have sex with this dude tonight for the sole purpose of feeling better about myself and getting over my ex. I'm not really attracted to him in any way. Any suggestions on how to make it enjoyable and fun?

I bought a butt plug and it smelled like blueberries. Is this just a sign of cheapness or will it give my BF some heinous anal disease?

Did you get the cheesesteak?

Which is more pleasurable: anal sex or vaginal?

Some of my answers: It sounds like you want to try "it" whatever "it" is; 673; not weird, risky; a complete Southectomy; do it with someone else; put a condom on it and it won't matter what it's made out of or smells like; no; is this some sort of trick question?