Ka-chingggg! Pakistani forces uncover Taliban 9/11 documents.

Tegucigalpals. Hondurans stop arguing!

Pakistanks for the Memories? Hillary returns from Pakistan, is less than impressed.

Snap! Seven democrats representatives investigated for ethics violations.

Nobody Wins. Sounders tie.

I Have Nothing Funny to Say About This. Hutchison and Constantine announce transition team, advisers.

Or This. (Dow Constantine: Joke Killer?) Suburban papers endorse Constantine.

Click on the Link and Look at This Man's Face, Please. Elderly man found safe.

Is Trick or Treating Dangerous? Time dares to ask the stupidest question ever.

But the Sky Is SO Big! Coast Guard plane collides with Marine helicopter over Pacific Ocean.

Not If the Murder Weapon Is Diabetes! Defense Attorney says client is too fat to kill.

Spoiler Alert: It'll Happen Next Year Too. Colorado, a snowy place, is covered in snow.

She Will Now Kick Swine Flu to Death in the Nads. Dr. Regina Benjamin confirmed as Surgeon General.

That Belongs in a Museum! Despite best efforts of Nazi Party and evil mining magnate Walter Donovan, world's largest rubberband ball heads to Orlando for exhibition.

And, finally. Fart Friday.