Last month according to Google Analytics, we had over one million absolute unique visitors.

That’s over a million people: readers, commenters, trolls, lovers and haters, lovers who hate haters, fundies, foodies, and people who will cut you for using the word “foodies.” People who don’t give a shit and people who care way too much. People looking for a woman seeking a man, people looking for a movie about GI Joe dolls, people who have a question for a city council candidate about a sidewalk. People scouring the internet for the term “horse fucking” at three in the morning Omaha time. People who meant to go to

We’ve hit one million absolute uniques in a month only once before, and that was this past June. And I was going to write a post like this back then, but something must have come up. It was June. People are busy in June. Well, this month we had even more traffic than June, so the hell with June. October is the new June.

Thanks, one million people, for intentionally (or unintentionally) visiting our collection of internet web pages. Without all of you, the world (and Seattle in particular) would seem like it’s weirdly empty. People who escaped rapture would walk the streets thinking, “Where the fuck is everyone?” It could happen. Remember when all those people who used Friendster just disappeared? Like that.