Continuing to cheat tourists and drunks under new ownership.
  • Continuing to cheat tourists and drunks under new ownership.

Remember the rampant rumors at the end of September that world's best dive bar the Five Point was closing? Thanks be to drunk baby Jeebus, it's not true. But the OTHER rumor that a local club promoter was the new owner? True—it's Dave Meinert, who manages Blue Scholars, Common Market, etc., and produces the Capitol Hill Block Party. His soon-to-be-babymama/partner Mandy Park will be managing the place (she used to waitress there, and that's where she and Meinert met—awwww).

Will there be any changes? Nothing that's going to wreck the Five Point magic. Some of the duct-taped upholstery will be replaced, along with extra messed-up parts of the floor. Scrubbing has occurred. And a few updates to the food menu will happen on Monday: The coffee will now be Caffe Vita; liver and onions is back from yesteryear; and a couple more options for vegetarians will be added (including the Green Cat curry tofu scramble, with the recipe provided by the owner of the beloved bygone Green Cat Cafe).

It's good news for everybody who loves the Five Point. Cheers!