Lunchtime Quickie


There's nothing like seeing a little brat get what's coming to her. Le sigh.
Next Round: Horse vs. Elizabeth Lambert
Occupational hazard of being a bitch.
I didn't get it. How was she a brat? Even the commentors at the clip-origin site seem to beleive this.
Not as brutal as Mad Men last night...
Oye, that's painful to watch.

As someone who's worked with horses, it's not unusually to shove or thump a horse which is being a pain, though you only do it when you and the horse both understand what it is about. For example, the horse keeps trying to pin you against the wall with it's shoulder. This little girl seems to trying to get the horse to move, though from the short clip it's impossible to tell what is really going on. Bad horse handling from the girl. Bad human handling from the horse.

But the horse should see if UNM has a spot on it's soccer team:…
Gosh, that was satisfying.
@7: I know the clip, and it thoroughly rebuts the notion that woman's soccer is nothing but a bloodless form of real soccer! The clip is posted all over, and in all the comment threads I've seen, the player in question is pilloried, up to and including calls for her lifetime ban. But I think the individual clips are likely taken out of context. Seasoned players rarely get that aggro unless the other team has been working them, off the ball, out of sight of the ref, all game long. Look closely at some of the clips, and you can see it going on. Even for the hair yank, which sure was way unacceptable, you should look at what the opposing player is discreetly doing with her hand behind her back just before Ms. Animosity clotheslines her. I won't say she had it coming, but that wasn't no fully innocent victim, either.
is it bad that this clip gets better every time i watch it? right or wrong, i don't care if the girl deserved it; it's still great to watch.
it's so good to see people celebrating pain inflicted on children, even if it's from a non-human animal. as someone who has been bitten by a horse, and who has seen other horse bite injuries, i know that their seemingly benign mouths can do a great deal of damage. for all we know this person might have lost a large portion of her skin or scalp. i'm just trying to keep an alternate perspective on what everyone thinks is so immediately hilarious.