What's the deal with that last-minute abortion amendment that was added to the House health insurance reform bill? Ezra Klein explains:

Rep. Bart Stupak's amendment did not make abortion illegal. And it did not block the federal government from subsidizing abortion. All it did was block it from subsidizing abortion for poorer women.

Stupak's amendment stated that the public option cannot provide abortion coverage, and that no insurer participating on the exchange can provide abortion coverage to anyone receiving subsidies.

Which is no small thing.

Nancy Pelosi allowed this amendment to go through—despite fury from pro-choice advocates in the Democratic caucus—in order to keep conservative Democrats happy and prevent the entire bill from collapsing. It was a wrenching decision, but it did lead to an historic achievement in the House.

What would you have done if you were Nancy Pelosi—or, say, a representative from Washington State?

Well? Would you have voted "yes" or "no" on the health insurance reform bill given its limits on abortion funding?