Is there any doubt that in the race for mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn was a Mac while Joe Mallahan and Greg Nickels were PCs?

Not really—and if there was any doubt, the election results pretty much settled the question.

So it probably shouldn't be any surprise that McGinn's transition team is looking into whether the mayor's office, currently run on PCs, can be converted into a Mac operation.

"We’ve asked the city IT folks about it and they’re looking into it for us," said transition spokesman Aaron Pickus. "They were talking about new computers for the mayor’s office anyway, so right now we are looking to see if Mike and the mayor’s staff can work on Macs."

Another sign of the changing tech styles at city hall: Thus far the transition team has eschewed the Blackberries usually handed out to mayoral staffers and instead asked for four iPhones (at a cost of $198 each). McGinn himself already has an iPhone, and is hanging on to it as he heads into his new job.

"It is in part a way to stick with the technology we were most comfortable with during the campaign, and in our personal experience," Pickus said.