is reporting that SWAT officers have a home in Leschi surrounded and believe a person of interest in this mornings police killings may be there.

The home is on E Superior Street and Erie Avenue. Buses in the area are being diverted.

K9 and negotiator units are on scene, and King County's Guardian One helicopter is en route. Officers have been called in from other precincts, and police have completely locked down the neighborhood. reports that the home is owned by a relative of Maurice Clemmons, and that someone matching his description was dropped off there earlier today.

Apparently the suspect may be wounded and is still armed.

UPDATE: The PI has more details on the manhunt and on Maurice Clemmons' background.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the shooter's arrest and conviction. Anyone with information should call 253-591-5959 or 866-977-2362.