Police are closing down streets and preparing to search Cowen Park north of the University District, police are saying on the SPD scanner. Officers have reported a "blood trail" near the public bathrooms.

In the park, someone appears to be "asleep under the footbridge," says a male officer. "It could be an unknown transient, or it could be something else."

UPDATE 12:53 PM: Police say the blood trail begins at a bus stop at Cowen Place NE and continues into the park. The officer says the blood is "still liquid." Officers are calling in at least one K-9 unit. Police are preparing to search the entire park, about a half-mile long, on foot. Meanwhile, another officer says the man under the blanket is white, so he's not the suspect.

UPDATE 1:08 PM: Police have begun a foot search of Cowen Park, starting on the west side and moving east.

UPDATE 3:00 PM: Matt Hickey says, "Not much going on here. It's clear. A few seagulls and a reporter from NPR. No sign of the guy in the body armor, sadly. I really wanted to see him."

Matt Hickey
  • Matt Hickey