Earlier Dominic wondered if that's really Marice Clemmons over there on Twitter. (Also wondered by everyone who checked out the feed: Who is "Reginald Robinson man of God" and why would Clemmons be Tweeting about him?)

A court document related to the child rape charge against Clemmons may provide some answers. (Click to enlarge.)

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  • Pierce County Superior Court

Once in the interview room, I had Mr. Clemmons have a seat... I identified myself to Mr. Clemmons and I advised him that he was under arrest for the rape of [redacted]. I asked him if he would be willing to talk about the investigation. He told me no, that there was nothing to talk about. He told me that he had an attorney... He told me that he was meeting his attorney at the courtroom. I began filling out the booking form. He told me that he had come with his wife and his minister... I asked him who his minister was and he told me Reggie Robinson from the Universal Church. He told me that he had been in New York becoming ordained as a minister for the church. He told me that he had been back home for about four days... I had been filling out the booking form as we chatted. I asked him if he had a middle name. He told me, "in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ." I did not write this on the form, so that he became irritated with me and demanded that I put it down. I told him no, that I could only put his legal name on the form. He told me that I was not a believer. I asked him if he had any medical conditions and he told me no. I asked him if he had any mental health issues and he told me no. I asked him if he was suicidal and he told me no, that life was precious. I agreed.

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