On the police scanner, officers say two people called about 15 minutes ago reporting seeing "a black man ... bleeding pretty heavily" at the intersection of Maynard Avenue South and South Dearborn Street, and one of the callers reported seeing "bloody gauze." The callers reported an an abandoned vehicle, and officers on the scanner indicated a vehicle was recovered in the area.

UPDATE 11:56 AM: It appears that police are searching medical clinics in the International District, looking for the bleeding man.

UPDATE 12:01 PM: On Twitter, @seattletimes reports that "Employee at RDA building, 800 S. Maynard, reports seeing bloody gauze on sidewalk."

UPDATE: 12:04 PM: Police seems to be focusing on the RDA Building in the ID:

UPDATE 12:21 PM: @dlboardman reports, "Another empty lead? Alex Hong at Spic 'n Span Cleaners on Maynard Ave. says 4 police cars there now, were 10 a few minutes ago."