Chris Pesto, a junior at Syracuse University in New York, was annoyed by a fundamentalist Christian bigot holding up an anti-gay sign—"Homosexuality Is a Sin"—on his campus last week. So he took action:

Support The Stranger

This woman was wearing an ankle-length corduroy skirt, which, as we all know, is a fashion nono. So, in order to make her feel uncomfortable, I stood next to her and held a sign that said "Corduroy Skirts Are a Sin"! I don’t think I have ever drawn so much attention in my life. So many people asked to take a picture with me, I got laughs, high fives and there were the few that even cursed off the woman standing behind me. As I drew interest to what was going on with myself and the woman with the hateful sign, I started to draw a crowd that stood with me in support. Before I knew it I had 100+ people holding signs for gay rights asking people to honk their horns to support. I never expected anybody to come stand by me and support and I appreciate it so much that everyone came! It meant so much and it proved to those ignorant people that we aren’t afraid, and we will put up a fight.

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