Attempting to deflect blame away from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, O'Reilly said tonight of Maurice Clemmons:

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Just a week ago this guy was released on $15,000 bail, an incredibly low number for the kind of crimes he's accused of. Altogether he had a total of eight felony charges pending against him, but Judge John McCarthy set the bail, and Judge Thomas Felnagle signed off on the bail amount and let him out. We contacted the judges but they did not return our phone calls, which is not very smart. They will be held accountable.

The actual amount of bail that Judge Felnagle signed off on earlier this month? That would be $150,000. (Click to enlarge.)

  • Pierce County Superior Court

Now, it's true, Clemmons himself only had to pay $15,000 to get out of jail. But why was that? (Click to enlarge.)

  • Pierce County Superior Court

Because of operations like Jail Sucks Bail Bonds, which—operating on free market principles I'm sure O'Reilly would otherwise venerate—happily spring guys like "this guy" from jail for a modest down payment and a certain amount of collateral.

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Sure, you could argue that the bail amount—which all totaled reached $190,000—was still too low. That would be an honest argument.

But you can't argue, as O'Reilly did, that Clemmons was "released on $15,000 bail." In fact, he was released on more than ten times that amount of bail—thanks to Jail Sucks Bail Bonds, the power of the bail bonds lobby, and, of course, the unfailing wisdom of the free market.