Tacoma, I love you. I think I sort of understand you, since I wrote about you for six years. But this is not the first time you've seemed cursed. When I heard the news yesterday (latest here, backgrounder on the suspect here), I could also hear the collective forehead slap on behalf of anyone with any love for the South Sound—because, here we go again. Again, T-town, you look like a mad world. It just doesn't seem fair that Seattle has a terrible police shooting, and then less than a month later, the same event happens in Tacoma—but times four. (Someone, in almost all seriousness, asked me this morning, "Does anything good ever happen in Tacoma?")

And yes, I realize that Lakewood/Parkland/Gig Harbor/Tacoma are not all the same place. But in other ways they sort of are.

Here's a quick timeline of what makes me hurt for you, T-town.

• May 17, 2001: A PLU music professor is gunned down and dies on the ground outside a dorm; the gunman kills himself, too.
• October 2002: Beltway sniper kills 10 people in the D.C. area; he'd spent most of his adult life in Pierce County and Tacoma.
• April 26, 2003: Tacoma police chief shoots his wife and himself in a strip mall parking lot in Gig Harbor.
• November 20, 2005: The Tacoma Mall shootings.
• And now this, November 29, 2009.

Am I missing anything? (That is, besides Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer.)

(Dear Trib: The reason these links aren't to your web site is because your search function is TERRIBLE.)

UPDATE: A friend of mine at the Trib pointed out to me that attributing Gary Ridgway to Tacoma just ain't fair. I'm crossing him out.