When I saw this headline on the Seattle Times' website this morning...

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.


...I misread it. For a split second I thought it said "loan officer" and momentarily pictured an unemployed WAMU banker redeeming himself and his crooked colleagues by taking out Clemmons. But it was a lone officer—duh—a single cop sitting in a car, who spotted Clemmons, confronted him, and took him out.

Randomly: I just finished reading an amazing novel, Every Man Dies Alone, and one of the characters is a police inspector. (For the, er, Gestapo, but that's not relevant.) The inspector's superiors are pressuring him to find a suspect. He searches Berlin—he turns Berlin upside down—with no luck. He informs his superiors that most cases are solved by accident. The suspect makes a fatal mistake, a witness comes forward, a lone cop who isn't actively involved in the search literally stumbles over the suspect.

Hundreds of officers were turning Seattle upside down looking for Clemmons but it was a lone officer, an officer who wasn't directly involved in the search (but on alert, like every police officer in the state), who wound up stumbling over—and taking out—Clemmons. And thank God the officer looked into his rearview mirror when he did:

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As the officer sat in his patrol car doing paperwork on the stolen car, he noticed a man was approaching the driver's side of the patrol car from behind. The officer immediately recognized the man as matching the description of Clemmons...

If the lone officer didn't notice Clemmons, if he hadn't had time to get out of his car and pull out his gun, we might be burying another cop this week.