The triumph of hope over bitter recent experience...

The New Jersey gay marriage proposal will be considered Monday by a Senate committee and could be posted for a full senate vote later in the week, state Sen. Ray Lesniak said today. "On Monday in the Judiciary Committee, we're going to vote on marriage equality," Lesniak (D-Union) said, while making the announcement to a crowd of gay marriage supporters on the Statehouse steps today.

"On Thursday the full Senate is going to vote on marriage equality," said Lesniak, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee." And God be willing, we'll have 21 votes."

New Jersey's sitting governor—Democrat John Corzine—says he'll sign the bill if it passes. New Jersey's governor-elect—Republican Chris Christie—says he'll veto any gay marriage bill that hits his desk. But this bill won't hit Christie's desk if it passes next week. It'll hit Corzine's. Christie won't be sworn in until next year. Anyway, fingers crossed. Again.