Yesterday, I came across this blog, in which a college sophomore (a "studio art major") is promising to make all the cookies in Martha Stewart's Cookies cookbook by the time she graduates.

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Ok, so here it goes. I am making a four year commitment here. Well, more like 3.5, but we'll say 4 for the sake of sounding even. This is my very first cookie baked as part of my Martha Stewart 4 Year Cookie Experience, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Martha Stewart (get it? bad joke). Anyways, diligently I will plow through her cookbook, trying not to repeat any recipes, until I have made all 150 cookies and treats. Hopefully I will complete this by the time I finish college, which, if I make 1 recipe a week and my calculations are correct, should take me about 3 years total. Better get cookin'...

"Ready for the subsequent epic journey?" this young woman, Lizzie, asks.

Well yes. Yes I am. And by "am" I mean "was," because I already fucking did it.

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No, I didn’t bake 175 different Martha Stewart cookies, I baked 86. But I didn’t take years to do it, I took two months—60 fucking days. And I didn't make a blog about it and embed a clip from Julie & Julia and bemoan "Every day it's becoming more and more apparent that my life is this." I did it because... well, I did it just to see if I could, because my friends bet me $10 that I couldn't, and because I was a little crazy.

But whatever. Good luck and Godspeed, Lizzie. (But you're wrong about the pistachio lemon drops, that shit was delicious.)

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