For those who have not seen it, this is the hypothetical timeline of Meredith's murder—it was presented on November 21, by the Public Prosecutor Manuela Commodi.

15:48 (November 1, 2007): Meredith texts her English friends that she will be late from her meeting with them.

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16:00 - Meredith leaves the house in Via della Pergola to go to the home of her friends. A few minutes later Raffaele and Amanda leave the cottage in Via della Pergola to go Sollecito’s place.

18:00 - Amanda Knox leaves Raffaele Sollecito’s house. This shown by cell phone records.

18:27 - Raffaele Sollecito interacts with his laptop to watch the film "Amelie".

20:18 - Amanda Knox, in Via Ulisse Rocchi, receives sms from Patrick Lumumba telling her not to go to work that night.

20.30 - Amanda Knox goes back to Via Garibaldi to home of Raffaele Sollecito.

20:38 - Amanda sends sms in reply to Patrick Lumumba.

20:46 - Sollecito turns off his mobile phone. He is still at home in Via Garibaldi.

20:45 — Meredith’s frugal meal with English friends ends. She starts off in the direction of Via della Pergola with a girlfriend who will leave her halfway to go to her home.

21:00 - Meredith is at home, eats a mushroom, lies down on the bed to read some uni lecture notes.

21:10 — No more human interaction on Raffaele Sollecito’s computer.

21:45 - Amanda and Raffaele leave his apartment and go to Piazza Grimana. A few ten of metres away from Via della Pergola, the two young people are talking and watching the house and deciding what to do. They have a suspicious attitude which is reported in court by Curatolo

23:20 - Amanda opens the door of Via della Pergola.

23.20 - Amanda, Raffaele and Rudy enter the house in Via della Pergola, where Meredith was already present. On the video, as explained by the PM, there is no vision about the meeting between Amanda and Rudy, because the reconstruction is based on testimony, the autopsy evidence and medical findings.

23:21 - Amanda and Raffaele go into the bedroom while Rudy goes to the bathroom.

23:25 — A scuffle begins between Amanda, helped by Raffaele, and Meredith. The English girl is taken by the neck, then banged against a cupboard, as shown by wounds to the skull. She resists all this. Rudy Guede enters.

23:30 - Meredith falls to the floor. The three try to undress her her to overcome her; they only manage to take off her trousers. The girl manages to get up, she struggles. At this point, the two knives emerge from the pockets of Amanda and Raffaele: one with a blade of four to five centimetres, the other however a big kitchen knife. Meredith tries to fend off the blades with her right hand. She is wounded.

23:35 — The assault continues. Sollecito tries to rip off the English girl's bra.

23:40 - Meredith is on her knees, threatened by Amanda with the knife while Rudy holds her with one hand and with the other hand carries out an assault on her vagina. There is first knife blow on her face, then straight away another. However these blows are not effective. The three become more violent. With the smaller knife, Sollecito strikes a blow: the blade penetrates 4 centimetres into the neck. There is a harrowing cry , which some witnesses will talk about. Amanda decides to silence her, still according to the video brought to court by the prosecutors, and strikes a blow to the throat with the kitchen knife: it will be the fatal wound. Meredith collapses on the floor.

23:45 — Meredith is helped to get up by Rudy and is coughing up blood. The English girl, dying, is dragged along so that she can continue to be undressed.

23:50 - Amanda and Raffaele take Meredith’s mobile phones and leave the apartment. Only Meredith - dead - and Rudy remain in the house. The Ivorian goes into the bathroom to get several towels to staunch the blood flowing from the English girl's body, then puts a cushion under Meredith's head, as shown by hand prints, according to the prosecution.

00.10 - Meredith's mobile phones are thrown into a garden in Via Sperandio.

00.15 From this moment there are no certainties, according to the video, on the times for the sidetracking which will be put in action by Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito. However, according to the prosecution, in the depth of the night the two ex-lovers will return to the scene of the crime to try and clean up some footprints and to break the window pane of a room in Via della Pergola with the aim of simulating a robbery ending in murder.

Amanda and Raffaele then undress the already deceased victim - the bra will be left a few centimetres from the body - and they will cover her with a feather quilt.

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One more theory: Kaia Chessen believes these photographs, taken during the summer of 2007, might have been the inspiration for Meredith's murder:

Maybe, maybe not. What I do know for sure is this: If Lindsay Lohan were to play Amanda in the film version of the crime, I would require her to gain some weight.

EDITOR'S NOTE: On October 3, 2011, Amanda Knox was acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher and released from prison.