Can You Guess Which Democratic Senator Just Announced He Won't Vote for Health Insurance Reform?


Shouldn't you have italicized Democrat?
1. You mean, put in quotes.
2. He lost the Democratic primary then ran a an Independent.
The Democratic Party has got to be the only one in the world that is so spineless, desperate and eager for abuse, as to let someone sit in their caucus after running in their primary, losing, then running as an Independent against the official choice of the Democratic Party (Ned Lamont).
"Please, please abuse me. I'll do anything for your approval, please abuse me some more" == totally dependent, spineless, ball-less, soul-less, my god, how can you be such a complete doormat excuse for a party?
3. And get this....alt hip media outlets and their alt hip media readership from coastal liberal ultra left cities actually act all surprised and shit when some one like Liberman runs in a Democratic primary and loses then wins as an independent over the official choice of hte Democrats and then...the "Democratic 'Party' leadership" in the Senate seats him with the Democrats and even gives him a committee chair and shit and then guess what?

With all that cosseting he doesn't change his right wing views.

In fact, what he learns is he can fuck us and fuck us and fuck us over and over and over and over all that happens is......

alt hip media outlets ask rhetorical questions.

Yup, it's truy that scarey, scarey, ironic, intellectual, "we are in the know" rhetorical question version of a tongue lashing.

Wow. What harsh punishment. This is EXACTLY what LBJ or Richard Dailey or Julius Caesar or T. Roosevelt or any real leader would do. The sharp, barbed rhetorical question....laced with a dollop of insinuation.

Wow. Lieberman is a gonna get it now, cuz we all gonna ask him rhetorical questions!

Then he'll be taught a lesson. Cuz you know what cums next:

the veiled innuendo!

What a dick.
@2 and @4 FT duoWin

you sound like passive whiny pussies always bitching about Joe. Kick him out of the party if he doesn't meet your expectations, otherwise stfu.
Joe is not a Democrat.
@5--Democrats did kick him out of the party, you stupid fuck.
What a colossal piece of shit this guy is. His actions sure do validate those of you who voted for Nader in 2000. I'm ashamed this jackass got my vote for vice president back then.

Liebermann is probably the closest thing to a centerline in American politics.

If he swings away from healthcare, then America doesn't want it.
Yeah Democrat in what sense?
@9 - HAHA all Joe Lieberman represents is Joe Lieberman - he's not a "moderate" in any sense of the word - he's just on a power trip. What are his demands, exactly? Something of a moving target, it would seem. Not much to do about it but ignore him, and go through with reconciliation.

The US Senate is the most undemocratic institution in the developed world.
Now now now, Obama wanted the US Senate to be nice to Joe back in January...remember that little tid bit of information we all seem to have forgotten?

Yeah, Obama wanted him to be included in the Demcoratic caucus. I just think it's funny that anyone thinks that they will pass anything.

Well, are you going to tell us? 'cuz I only see the name of an Independent. You know, Joe Lieberman I-CT?

It doesn't matter who he caucuses with, he's not an IRL democrat!!!!!11
I'm not even a tiny bit surprised by this.
all caps are silly.
He'll probably made enough to retire on just from this one vote.
they kicked him out.
an abusive boyfriend who had treated them like crap numerous times.
then they took him back in.
and are surprised and hurt when he does it again?
now, who really is the stupid fuck?
Fuck him. They don't need his vote to pass the bill. There's a good chance they don't need his vote to end debate. (Snowe or one of the two other Republican Moderates [forget their names] could well be persuaded to vote to bring the bill to the floor where it only needs 50 votes +Biden to pass).
@7: Depends on who you mean by "they." Democratic primary voters in Connecticut kicked him out, but after he won the general election, the Senate Democrats welcomed him back as an independent.

So, yeah, I hate the guy, and hope he gets his ass handed to him on a platter next time he runs. But 5 is right that the national Democratic party, along with the voters in Connecticut, bear more responsibility for Joe's continued relevance to the health care debate than does Joe himself.

In other words: he didn't appoint himself the tie-breaking obstructionist in this debate.
"Connecticut had a per capita personal income ... which ranked 1st in the United States.." [source]

Lieberman is just doing his job, representing his constituants. The bill on the table isn't that great for rich people.
To quote Dan (and with this string of words I often do), "piece of shit asshole motherfucker"

don't worry guys if we keep giving him chairmanship he'll vote with us on the next important vote
I'm a progressive and I hate the health care bill, but for different reasons -- not because the health insurance industry gave me millions of dollars like Lieberman, but because I want universal single payer health care.... duh.
Fuck Joe Lieberman. Fucking big business stooge.
Connecticut has the highest U.S. concentration of insurance jobs, with the industry accounting for about 64,000 jobs as of June 2009, according to the state’s labor department.

I'm sorry, we're surprised why?
Democrats never learn, which is why Republicans steamroller over us. Take his committee chairmanship away. Then we'll have his attention.
@20: Lieberman has accepted millions of dollars from insurance lobbyists. He is voting the way his bribes tell him to. Regardless of the merits of the bill, there was no way he was going to vote for it. It has nothing to do with serving anybody's interests other than his own.
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"Lieberman is just doing his job, representing his constituants."

You misspelled "lobbyists", moron. Seriously, are you that uneducated or are you trolling?

@31 sadly he's not trolling (and @20 constituants is actually spelled w/an e). David is our house organ for upper class privilege masquerading as libertarian economic policies.
Lieberman and Snowe are effectively holding the Senate hostage. and, as far as I've been able to glean, constituent disagreers are supposed to try to hold the Senate counter-hostage by yelling for the public option, which was shite to begin with but is definitely shite now?

Are we in trouble because MSNBC has been purchased by Comcast? One of a kind is always special.
Money talks, bullshite walks. So I just wanna have you hugg your child today. I'll settle for having you walked my dog today? the cow, the bull, they walk it off, take a bite, sleep, look at you, leave some bullshite.
Yes, Joe is an asswipe. No, He should not be classified as a Dem anymore. No, Seattle bloggers can't really make that decision legally, so just calm the fuck down.
Ol' Joe is a devout conservative Jew. And if you look at the guy, for two minutes you can tell he likes to take it in the ass. I suspect his personal life is very tangled, shall we say.

So, I suggest Jewish radicals haunt his door and give him nothing that he really wants.

Those who post here from the East. What is the dirt? My who likes it in the ass radar is never wrong, after many years of survey. So ...tell us more....
Lieberman only cares for Isrealis. Americans can rot for all he cares.
The current healthcare bill in the senate sucks and would be embarrassing to try and brag about if it did pass. Big Joe is doing the spineless democrats a favor, he plays bad guy, the bill languishes and dies and in a few months some sort of dramatic compromise bill will show up.
If the current bill gets signed into law, the democrats will be beaten wildly in 2010 because they failed at really accomplishing anything. Still at war, still economically weak, still paying more for less in the healthcare world, these democrats are like Seattle liberals, all talk, all policy debate, no action.
voting against cloture or the bill itself?

the vote against cloture could cost holy joe his chairmanships. but reid would have to have a spine 1st.
@39 - so he's safe.
I love how you dumbass "progressives" use every opportunity to attack Obama. It doesn't matter what the topic is, somehow it always comes back to Obama. You guys are now officially as bad as conservatives with your obsession.
@ 7 - he was not kicked out. he lost the '06 primary. losing doesn't count as getting kicked out
Can you believe what a douchebag he is?