Garfunkel & Oates on Jay Leno Tonight


holy cowshit batman. just when i thought the earlier 3 hour nap was going to ruin my circadian rhythm. a sure fire way (i haven't tried ambien yet hardly) to get some sleep! Jay Leno with idiots as guests. lookin at 11pm dreamland. thanks ol Danny Boy. keep on singing your tune like its a Manitoban casino.
i so wish "year-end letter" was on youtube. sigh.
Smug little shits.
Jesus, not these two again. I hate you Dan Savage.
I expect them to be on stuff white people like next
@3: yeah. rocky and balls are way better and without the smug little shit thing
An old man clutching to something that was never cool to try to show how cool he is. Priceless.
Ummm. I don't get it. I always heard of these two by name but never gave them a listen until just now. 5 youtube videos later and all I can come up with is this: annoying.

They're the type of people I'd want to bop on the head for no good reason. Shit, I feel like a horrible human being.
Well, you guys all nailed it: Dan is out of touch with reality. He'll take any criticism with a grin, but this band was never that good to begin with. I'm pretty sure he's promoted the fuck out of them just to feel self-important and relevant. His sex advice will start being creepy once he hits 50, which isn't that far off. Watch him burn like a candle in the wind, folks.
If the casino reference is a revisited topic, I missed it. Garfunkel and Oates at Snoqualmie Casino Thursday, February 18, 8:00 PM…
So shitty it's great.
Back Off, Haters!! These guys are hilariously wonderfully GREAT!! Thank you, Dan, again.
Shallow and stupid, Dan Savage and almost everything he ever writes about. Great spokesman for the cock suckers, you too can be a rimming idiot and speak for your community.
These ladies are a riot as are the dipshits on here who criticize them. Get a life you 'tards.
Damn, Dan. Everyone hates you again.
Report to the Enemies list immediately.
These two are sweet and funny, and they always make me smile. I don't care if other people think they're lame. If you let their lyrics skitter across the top of your brain, you'll realize a lot of what they sing is really subversive.
Oh look. It's two hot chicks who think they're funny, but can't sing. And they play ukuleles. And they tell you it's ok to smoke excess amounts of pot.
i love them but i don't think i can watch it because jay leno makes me want to kill myself.
Jay Leno looks even more bizarre in real life than he does on TV.

I'm glad they aren't doing that song on Leno. It sounds decidedly anti-medical marijuana to me somehow.
These girls are so awful, they make Dimitri Martin look hilarious and witty.

Hot? The one on the left looks like a frog and the blonde one looks like a young homely Joni Mitchell. I can't believe Dan chose these two annoying whiners to have girl crushes on. Jesus.
You suck haters. Yeah, the songs would benefit from more professional packaging, but they're funny and catchy.
I like quirky girls.
why do these two inspire such extreme reactions on either end?? i myself am at the hater-end, but i really can't explain why. i just see them and instantly feel pissed off. i'm not proud about it.
The problem with these girls is that they make mean jokes about the weak or powerless from the point of view of a spoiled child who has never had a day of hardship. The funny song posted today was about what a joke it is that people with cancer and AIDS want access to marijuana. Because they're in constant pain, or wasting away because they can't eat. Ha! Comedy is so comedic!

Try this: picture the same words that Garfunkel & Oats sing coming from the mouths of a pair of dudebro fratboys with a backwards baseball caps, perhaps sitting in the BMW their dad gave them. Yes, these girls look cute, but the truth is they're ugly.
@26: Actually, the main problem is that they don't have a lick of talent between them.
From the comments, I see the residents of Seattle remain as humorless as they were 10 years ago. And, people wondered when I lived in Bellingham why I always preferred Vancouver, BC to Seattle. Pretty sad when Canadians have a better sense of humor...
@25, I feel you. However, I have both extreme reactions to them. Sometimes they get me on a day when I love them, sometimes I hate them. I never kinda like them. Today I'm on the hate side, but my period just started and I hate everything and everyone.
Dang it Dan, why didn't you post this earlier instead of 8 or so minutes before show time.
@28: So Red Green is funnier than Hee Haw?
I love Kate! I want to marry her, she's wonderful and I love her!