Downtown: Now With More Bike Commuters!


So that's what a mile for every 30 bikers coming into town and whole rack for every three? Seems like we are more than adequately funding bike infrastructure.
Including those who ride in freezing rain and dark, basically asking to be killed.

(don't get on me: I've been a cyclist for 25 years)
Giffy, I think it would be a mistake to assume that all bike lanes, or all bike commuters, are headed downtown.
Luckily this count will never include all the many bike commuters who commute to work anywhere other than the artificial limits of "Downtown".

Like all the biotech workers, dock workers or any of the retail centers of Ballard, Fremont, U Dist, Greenwood, Capitol Hill, West Seattle ... or even Northgate.
I call bullshit on the infrastructure claim. A sharrow is just paint. The city has donne very little to add actual safe commute routes to city infrastructure. Ridership is up becuase of the riders themselves, not because of anything the city has done.
More cyclists are needed, but please, enough with the fatties in lycra. I am all for cycling, but seriously, unless you are getting paid to ride, you are too fat for lycra.
@2, I rode as long as it was either above freezing or below and dry. I never had any particular problems riding safelywhen it was wet and dark, but I had four separate flashing taillights and a good halogen headlight, plus plenty of reflective gear. It was a risk, to be sure, but it can be managed.

(I still ride down here in Sandy Eggo but I work from home, so I don't have much cause to ride in the dark these days.)
The Downtown Seattle Association is busy trying to lobby Council to take half of the funds from all parking meters and give it to them to fund downtown bike and sidewalk projects.
@7: pussy. When I lived in Boston I cycled to work year-round, even in snow (autumn leaves are much worse than snow).

You're right: GET A DECENT LIGHT. A blinkie clipped to your all-black clothes isn't cutting it this time of year. You should be as bright as a motorcycle.
wow we got 390 more cyclists in just two years! That's an additional cyclist almost every other day!

The total of 2609 is almost as much as one good bus route, woo hoo!

And that 15% growth rate, my god, do you realize that over two years that is like about 7% a year! Man, at that rate we will double this 2609 riders to 4465 riders in just nine years! that will be like having a ridership that's as much as one good bus route!

talk about paradigm shift and meteoric growth, this is like the growth in personal computers and iphones!
@6: Everyone gets paid when they ride a bicycle. First, it's cheaper than driving or riding the bus. Then, there's the added benefit -- physically active people save over $300/year in out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I would add that these increases (which are a good thing) represent the "low-hanging fruit" - people for whom making this transition is easy/convenient/feasible, etc. Once you run out of them (which will occur fairly quickly), the rate of increase will go down.

But hey, going from 2.5% of commutes by bike to 5% is a fine thing, if hardly transformational.

@9- The worst part about Boston winter commuting was the slush that was below freezing yet kept semi-liquid by the road salt and filled with grime by the sand and traffic. Getting that splashed up into your face was always a treat. Terrible for your drive-train too.
@13, that's the worst part about Boston winter for everyone, not just cyclists. The entire city is two feet deep in the stuff for five months. I loved it; blam, pow, squish, squirt. I wore a balaclava.
Second the call for blinkie lights on your helmet and bright clothing.

It makes it easier for us walking to see you before you hit us.
Ah, slush... I used to love stepping off the curb onto what looks like solid pavement in the dark, but is actually about a foot deep.

Haha, no seriously: we have to consider what impact fixies have had on making bicycle transportation seem more "cool". I wonder how one could quantify this...
Great more bikes. That is really gonna help with traffic. Nothing like getting stuck behind a bicyclist riding in the driving lane pretending he/she is a car. It isnt that big a hit to ones insurance just to "bump" a bike or two off the road. I am tempted almost everyday. Just a bump........
@18 - I think you meant "nothing like the driver of a motorized vehicle ignoring the rules of the road which legally state that a bicycle has the same right to the road as a car".

There, fixed it for you.

Cyclists pay taxes too.
Is that what the TV camera and two bicyclists in approved bike-commuter garb were doing in my way on the Alaskan Way path across from the Colman Dock this morning? Hunh.

Oh Mrbombit, your ignorance of cyclists rights to what you view as "driving lines" is so cute, sort of like the Special Olympics.
@18: Ever been clubbed in the head with a U-lock?
Oh dear, I went nuclear right off the bat, didn't I?
"physically active people save over $300/year in out-of-pocket healthcare costs."

Don't confuse being healthy with being attractive…especially in Seattle, home to the Ugliest Womyn in America