Jewish Federation Shooter Convicted


OH YEAH! I was across the street when this happened, getting a sub, I'm actually eating a sub right now.

Full circle.
Let me get the math right, shoot some jews, you get a life sentence in jail. Shoot some cops, you get shot dead. Do I have that right?
@3 - there's a little more to that. "Shoot some cops, then run from them and don't show your hands after they tell you to freeze, you get shot dead."
@3--Haq surrendered to police with his hands on his head. As Geni pointed out, that's a far cry from how Clemmons was killed.
Cut funding more mentally health treatment, go crazy, people die. Thanks for the new budget, Gregoire!

This was NOT a hate crime. Just because the victims are Jewish doesn't make it a hate crime. Being mentally ill renders the hate crime law moot.
@6 Haq told a 911 operator DURING THE ATTACK that he was there to avenge the Palestinians by shooting up a bunch of community organizers because they were Jews. Crazy or not, how is this not a hate crime? If some crazy fundy shot up a bunch of innocent homosexuals on Cap Hill, would you sing the same tune?