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Remember when Mark McGwire went before Congress and refused to 'talk about the past'? It seems he's finally ready to talk about it.

In his statement McGwire wishes he would have been able to tell the truth during his Congressional hearing. Unfortunately, ninjas or Blackwater agents or Pete Rose on a bender, made it impossible for McGwire to admit to using steriods.

Let's consider some possible reasons why he's now able to talk about his steroid use.

Exhibit A: McGwire received less than 24% in last weeks vote on the Hall of Fame. He's hoping his admission gets him on more ballots next year.

Exhibit B: He's just been hired by the St. Louis Cardinals as their hitting instructor. Further, the Cardinals manager has expressed interest in putting him on the active roster for the final weeks of the season.

Exhibit C: See Exhibits A & B.