Are the Vancouver Olympics doomed? Some guy on predicts NBC is going to lose about $200 million on the Vancouver games. ABC just did a segment on the impending disaster and the last couple times I've been in British Columbia I've seen people protesting the Olympic games. With stories in the Vancouver press about an increase in violence, planned protests and a local population pissed off at the amount of money spent to host the games, this could be the disaster media outlets are predicting.

I love the Winter Olympics and since I don't pay taxes in B.C. and don't have any ancestors whose land was stolen by whitey up there, I'm 'stoked' for the games. I can't wait to have my laptop in front of the television to watch as many events as possible. In particular I'm interested in the 2006 Snowboard Cross Olympic Silver Medalist, Lindsey Jacobellis. You remember her. She's the one who was about to win a gold medal but decided to add some style to her last jump and ended up on her ass just long enough to have someone else scoot by and win the gold. Apparently she had another traumatic spill near the finish line during the 2007 Winter X Games causing her to lose the gold medal there too. She's still one of the favorites in the 2010 Snowboard Cross competition but it will be interesting to see how her nerves hold up under pressure.

Here are a couple vids to refresh your memory and get you excited for the 2010 Olympics.