Boston Globe:

Massachusetts Senator John F.Kerry is calling on Republican Scott Brown, who is waging a strong campaign against Democrat Martha Coakley, to curb his supporters, saying that they have engaged in "bullying and intimidation tactics" in recent days and that some of them are from out-of-state.

What is this heinous "bullying" that Kerry is decrying? (The senator added: "This is not how democracy works in Massachusetts.")

Democrats have pointed, among other things, to a video posted on the Web in which a supporter at a Brown rally on Sunday can be heard saying, "shove a curling iron up her butt." Brown can be seen grinning briefly right after the remark.

Um... that's it? This is getting embarrassing. Someone needs to tell John Kerry, the mascot of Embarrassing Democrats, that you don't win elections by trying to get people to pity you.