Need a Laugh?


no, i don't need a laugh. i appreciate your effort, however lame it is. go help some haitian fuckwad dan
I needed it, thanks.
Fucking christ... I'm not that old... am I doomed to go through this dumbass republican vs. democrat bullshit for another 70, 80 years?

John Stewart can only assuage the pain for so long...
The image of gluing one's balls to one's thighs is useful. It's not too graphic, but it's horrifying enough to put that other ball-related story out of my mind.

@1: Wow, settle down there, Darth Hater.
Well @3 it's the old joke - if you think those Democratic senators look bad you should see some of their constituents. I mean a society based on a crap education system welded to a corrupt corporate press - what could possibly go wrong? Me thinks we might find out in excruciating detail over the next few decades.

Still, despair is a form of hubris. "Never give up, never surrender" - cause you really can't know how things are going to turn out. And it only takes a quick look at recent history to remind us that the difference between bad and worse means something. Never forget that....
ROTF - LOL even if the truth is painful.
Thanks Dan
It's a beautiful morning.
She reminds me of Geraldine Ferraro. A cold severe woman that is hard to warm up to. These types of woman are not who the democrats should be putting before the voters against a very straight clean cut white male.
Did the Repugnicans pick her to run?