This week's installment of Get the Fuck on This, our ever-so-politely-named series about priorities for our newly elected fleet of local and state leaders, speaks to the city's Bicycle Master Plan. The plan is supposed to triple bike trips by 2017, but, as this excerpt explains, it's woefully behind schedule:

True, the plan is slowly being implemented, and yes, the number of daily bike trips into downtown is increasing (there were about 2,600 bike trips in 2009—up from about 2,270 in 2007—according to a count done by the Seattle Department of Transportation). But they're not increasing quickly enough to triple bike trips by 2017. Part of the problem: The council has made only about $6 million in capital funding available per year to implement the plan. "At a bare minimum, to just be building the Bicycle Master Plan that we adopted, it should be $15 million to $16 million a year," said David Hiller, advocacy director for the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Another piece in the series, appearing this week, is advice for City Attorney Pete Holmes on handling the hundreds of drug paraphernalia cases sent to his office each year. More about bikes and pipes HERE.