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The evening was split into three sections. First we watched a collection of past works by Hacker's team, followed by clips from the movie Birdemic. After a brief intermission, we would finish with the main feature, Cars 3.

Cars 3 is a lot of things. Most of these things are not actual cars. Quick summary: A used car salesman needs to sell a Mercury Topaz within an hour or the devil gets his soul. The movie runs like all of Bobby Hacker's online shorts: ridiculous tomfuckery aided by cheesy effects. The entire movie was shot in three weeks so they could enter it in the Sundance Film Festival. The lines were improvised and plot formed as they shot.

The “OMG THATS SO KUH-RAAZZZYYY” vibe that makes the minute-long shorts work weighed the movie down for me. Cars 3 never aims for subtlety, not that it necessarily needs it. But in a movie far longer than the average internet video sensation, the ADD-riddled plot turns, jokes, and gags dragged. I liked their opening movies, which kept the formula of Cars 3 but didn't exceed a couple minutes. Pipe Chat and One Minute Conspiracies: United 93 were great (and viewable at

The real gem of the night was the movie Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Go check out the trailer. I don't know which looks better: the actual movie or the making-of documentary being put together by Severin Films. How do you market a reload of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? By attaching fake killer eagles to your van, painting it with fake blood, and plastering “BIRDEMIC” on every square inch.

I guess spending so much time in the darkest troll-infested parts of the internet made Cars 3 less shocking and funny than originally intended. Then again, without the web, this movie would likely not have been made. This night just felt so different from the rest of the Week of Fun. Variety is the spice of life, I know. Maybe being such a break after four days in a row of stand-up caught me off guard.

Tonight, back to the stand-up with No Nipple Comedy.